Will CBD Oil Get Me High?

Cannabidiol is one of hundreds of chemical compounds found in cannabis, but due to a variety of research, potential health benefits, and changes to the law; awareness and production of CBD-based products has increased tremendously.

While CBD oil is fairly well known for being a natural treatment for many different ailments (ranging from relieving physical pain, to reducing symptoms of depression), there are still many people who are uncertain of how safe it really is due to its connection to cannabis.

It’s important that these people understand that CBD isn’t actually the cause of the psychoactive effects and addictive potential of marijuana, and there are so many ways that concentrated Cannabidiol can be used for good.

Those looking to get high aren’t likely to find what they’re looking for in CBD oil, whereas anyone who’s hoping to improve their health or treat a physical or mental condition is likely to find that it can be highly beneficial.

How CBD differs from THC

One of the main reasons why people are skeptical of trying Cannabidiol-based products is because it’s derived from cannabis, but the main cause of the negative effects of the plant come from another chemical compound entirely; THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Many individuals assume that both have similar effects since they’re both derived from the same plant, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

While THC may have some benefits (for example, for relaxation and even in treating chronic pain), studies show that there are many immediate and long-term side effects that it can cause. Because of this, THC is illegal and should generally be avoided by those who are looking for an effective and safe medication. On the other hand, research suggests that CBD has a variety of incredible health benefits, often being able to treat issues like:

  • Acne
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety
  • Heart disease
  • Substance abuse and withdrawal

These are just a few of the many conditions that Cannabidiol could help, and this (alongside the fact that CBD simply doesn’t have the same side effects and dangers as THC), is why so many find CBD-based oils to be remarkable indeed.

Does CBD oil contain THC?

One thing that most people will want to know is if there’s a chance that they’ll be ingesting THC when using CBD oil.

It’s important for individuals to know that, while it can often contain some traces of the negative chemical compound, it’s often in such a small quantity that it’s unable to produce any effects at all. Not only that, but Cannabidiol already has the ability to lessen the effects of THC – and most will be shocked to hear that this small amount of THC can actually enhance the therapeutic effects of CBD at the same time.

When extracted from the plant, CBD retains all its properties while leaving behind the negative effects of THC, which is why so many individuals have been able to experience the health benefits of cannabis in a higher percentage without the risks.

Many of those who want to try CBD oil hope to improve their health while avoiding the potentially adverse effects of THC; and most will find that they can get exactly that.

Can CBD oil cause a “high” effect?

Most of the time, CBD oil will only contain a maximum of 0.03% of THC. Fortunately for those who are looking for the health benefits of Cannabidiol without the “high” of marijuana, it’s highly unlikely that even Full Spectrum CBD oil will produce the psychoactive effects of the drug.

Research has shown that CBD can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and help users to feel more relaxed – although this isn’t in the same way that cannabis makes users feel tranquil while high. Even taking high dosages of Cannabidiol-based oil won’t cause the same kind of rush (though it’s always best to stick to the suggested dosage amount).

You may come across different forms of CBD oil, such as isolate and Full Spectrum. CBD Isolate is pure Cannabidiol, where Full Spectrum tends to contain a large percentage of CBD along with lesser amounts of other cannabinoids (including THC). While the different chemical compounds can often work together to provide health benefits, many of those who are unsure stick to CBD Isolate – and this is perfectly fine.

Why choose CBD over other Medication?

Countless individuals are using CBD oil as an alternative to pharmaceutical medicines, and while there are many benefits to taking Cannabidiol-based products, some may be curious to find out which will be best for their needs.

One of the most common reasons why so many have turned to CBD for their health is because it’s a natural medicine. There are a number of other reasons why it is a great option; for example, CBD oil doesn’t pose a potential for abuse or addition, unlike many other conventional medications.

We all have an endocannabinoid system, which produces its own cannabinoids and reacts to those from external sources. While THC has some unwanted effects on most people, the lack of psychoactive properties in CBD make it ideal and safe for essentially anyone who uses it.

Many people also opt to try CBD oil for its affordability too, which can be a huge advantage for those who can’t afford traditional treatment – or even those who are looking for a safer and less expensive alternative.

Is CBD oil legal in your area?

Marijuana may not be legal in all parts of the world, but CBD products are legal in the US – meaning that you could get your hands on some yourself and experience everything that Cannabidiol has to offer. Whether you’re suffering from a health condition or not, you’re likely to benefit from its many incredible properties in one way or another.

  • April 25, 2020