Best CBD Oil for a Diffuser

For centuries, aromatherapy has been used as a treatment for a broad range of ailments. In the past, methods to heat liquids in an effort to diffuse their scents were fairly limited, but these days (and thanks in no small part to advances in technology), oil diffusers now offer all the traditional benefits, while being neat, compact, and easy to maintain. Using ​CBD essential oil in a diffuser is a fairly new concept, but one that is rapidly increasing in popularity – and for very good reason.

It’s no secret that the beneficial properties within Cannabidiol are as potent as they are effective. When adding them to a diffuser, the ensuing vapors are typically odorless (or naturally scented), to avoid the tell-tale smell associated with the cannabis plant. Instead of applying the oil directly to the skin, the act of vaporizing it within an oil diffuser can instead help to emanate the health-enhancing properties of CBD oil; promoting a calm, soothing atmosphere within a room.

We have been using CBD Oil for over 3 years now and have tested a number of brands. Below is a list that we have used and have shown to work best in a diffuser:

Containing 2000mg of CBD oil, this cannabinoid tincture is entirely free from THC and comes in a pleasing citrus scent. Each bottle contains 30ml (1fl.oz) of concentrated oil, allowing you to put it to good use physically, or with the aid of a diffuser to truly emanate the health enhancing properties throughout your home. Being broad spectrum means that the essential oils within the formula have been extracted from the cannabis plant in their entirety, without THC.

Available for just $59.99, this bottle can provide anywhere between 3 and 7 uses within a diffuser (or more when added to water to help thin the oil).


With a natural flavor and scent, 250mg of concentrated CBD, and being full spectrum; this Superfine product is exactly what its name might suggest. Harvested from the purest cannabis plants, the contents of this 5ml (0.17fl.oz) bottle contains less than 0.3 percent THC. As with all premium quality full spectrum products, this one boasts some of the highest levels of CBD; allowing you to put the health boosting properties to effective use from the offset.

At just $98.00, this product is one of the most popular on the market and is suitable for physical application, as well as for use within an oil diffuser.


For those of you looking for a unique take on the healthy properties of CBD oil, look no further than this SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes bottle. It contains 100 percent organically grown hemp (2500mg CBD), comes in a refreshing cool mint scent/ flavor, features the welcome addition of coconut oil for an added promotion to your health, and comes in a comfortable sized bottle (30ml/ 1fl.oz).

With our special price of just $199.95, we’re sure that you’ll be feeling the benefits of this diffuser-compatible oil in next to no time.


Never has there been a better balance between affordability and effectiveness than with the Plus CBD Gold Formula. With zero GMO, 3mg of CBD per serving, and a full spectrum composition; this incredibly priced bottle contains no less than 30ml (1fl.oz) of natural hemp drops. For a fresh smell when used the manufacturers have applied a natural peppermint scent, making it ideal when applied physically to the body, or added to a diffuser to emanate a fresh ambience within a room.

For just $39.99, you’ll be enjoying a premium quality product with a variety of benefits, and with less than 0.3 percent THC.


One of the biggest names in the industry proudly bring to you CB Distillery’s very own full spectrum CBD oil, containing a fully lab tested volume of less than 0.3 percent THC. Within the product you’ll find 33mg of Cannabidiol per serving, and an organically grown hemp formulation. The bottle is sized at an appealing 30ml (1fl.oz), with a consistency that makes it ideal for use with diffusers.

Available directly from our online store for just $60.00, the CBDistillery CBD Oil is very popular – and thanks to its full spectrum nature, can confidently offer a wide variety of health benefits to its users.


The Natural Benefits of CBD Oil

Generally speaking, Cannabidiol has been proven to be effective for a number of ailments and medical conditions. Some of the most common include the potential to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, minimize the symptoms of depression, protect the neurotransmitters within the brain, promote heart health, and even to alleviate the symptoms of certain cancers. Leading experts from around the globe acknowledge the possibilities relating to CBD oil, but one of the newest ways to use it could boast an even greater range of benefits – and that’s via oil diffuser.

The innate compounds present within the cannabis plant have been used by people for centuries. Thanks to the option to extract the purest composition from the plant’s structure, it’s now a possibility to negate the unwanted effects of THC within cannabis in favor of a honed, scientifically approved formula that simply boasts health-enhancing factors. This is what has given rise to the popularity of CBD oil as a product, with manufacturers striving to create increasingly more specialized variations of the oil for the benefit of their customers.

Is it Safe to Use CBD Oil in a Diffuser?

According to studies, it is. Because Cannabidiol contains very little (or zero) THC, the hallucinogenic properties present within cannabis are all but nullified. Although investigations are still ongoing, what has been discovered so far is that where applying the essential oil to the body can yield astounding results on both an internal and external level; breathing in the soothing vapors may provide a more efficient way for the medicinal properties to enter the bloodstream and benefit the user directly.

By inhaling the vapors from an already honed formulation, many experts believe that the atom-sized particles can be put to good use as soon as they reach the lungs. According to reliable sources such as COPD News Today, these organs are the first to benefit from inhaling the vapors, with test subjects experiencing an increase to their oxygen levels within the blood stream by 88-89 percent after just a few weeks. It’s this early potential that has so many experts intrigued by the possibilities, with the majority agreeing that diffusing CBD oil is entirely safe to do.